Dance all in one

Claude de Souza

Experienced dancer
Founder of DaiO

Variety, ax extraordinary dance-style, creativity and professionality are the trade marks of DaiO´s initiator. He‘s responsible for many videos and shows of different artists (e.g. Sarah Connor, Tina Turner, Loona, Kate Ryan).

Also one of his clients are Porsche, BMW, L´Oreal, Mercedes and Tchibo. He also worked as a personal trainer for Sarah Connor, Jette Joop and Patricia Klasnich.
Dance all in one

Marcella de Souza


The multi talent Marcella coaches dancing groups and performs with artists like Loona, Flo Rida and Sarah Connor.

She also dances and works as a model for Adidas, VW, Porsche, Camp David etc.

She could be seen at the Bundesvision Song Contest, X Factor oder Viva. She also had deals with Otto, Clivia Magazine, Pearl or IKA.
Dance all in one

Bridget Q. Fearn

Educated dancer

The successful choreographer Bridget worked as an assistence choreographer for musicals like West Side Story or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

She was also an active choreographer in some Tv - Formats like the Eurovision Song Contest, X Factor or You Can Dance.
Dance all in one

Andrea Frey

Natural health professional
Movement Therapist
Sport and Health teacher
Dance all in one

Julia Frey

Gymnastics teacher Dance educator
Dance all in one

Hanna Vien

Educated dancer